Happy Birthday Keira Marcos
May you continue to inspire us with your marvellous creations !!!

Happy Birthday

The storm was just the beginning
Well, as promised, I am posting my story tonight. I hope you enjoy it and do not hesitate to provide me with your review or comments.

Summary: What if saving the city was just the beginning and not the end. For Rodney the nightmare was still ongoing. Will he let his friends help or let the ennemy destroy everything he has worked so hard to build...
Warnings: AU-version for the ending of the episodes 'The eye' and 'The storm'. Mentions of torture. Light slash (Mcshep)
Count: +/- 22.000 words

Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9517983/1/The-storm-was-only-the-beginning

My story
Hey everyone,

I am finishing up my first Stargate Atlantis fanfiction piece. I have only started reading fanfiction a year ago. My own imagination and reading the works of others has inspired me to start my own story. I am just going to double check everything tomorrow and attempt to post it here tomorrow. Wish me luck

Below, you should be able to consult a little preview - if I got everything to work as I itended:
PreviewCollapse )

Exciting !!! or at least I think it is....


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